Coaching Skills
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Wellbeing in the workplace starts at the top!

Great workplace cultures are the result of great workplace relationships led by people at the top.

Leaders that create successful team cultures and workplaces where staff feel valued and love coming to work every day have the biggest impact on an organisation.

Creating a culture of positive wellbeing in any workplace is essential. Positive wellbeing is the guidepost that keeps people moving in the same direction towards successful business outcomes.

When employees, managers and team leaders have positive wellbeing, they can perform well in their job and feel good about the impact they are having within the organisation. When the organisation has a culture that emulates positive wellbeing, they experience better staff retention, improved business outcomes and increased revenue.

When leaders take responsibility for the wellbeing of their workers, the result is not only productive organisations but thriving individuals, families and communities.


High levels of emotional intelligence

Strategies for self-care and resilience

Confident communication & rapport building skills

A wellbeing and
coaching mindset

Coaching Skills for Leaders 

Coaching is the key to better business outcomes. Equipping your leaders with powerful soft skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, behavioural nudging, and influence makes all the difference. And this leads to improved engagement and higher levels of productivity.

Bounce-trained leaders are changing the workplaces they operate in. They are taking a new approach to staff engagement, and rather than ‘managing,’ they are guiding and supporting their people to embrace their roles and create incredible workplace cultures. 

The Coaching Skills for Leaders Certification course features intensive, immersive, inspiring coaching delivered by experienced Bounce Master Trainers. Participants are trained in the most effective methods that demonstrate how powerful soft skills can easily and elegantly influence growth and development. Each module in the course leads on from the last, using a holistic approach to understanding and influencing behaviour change.

The Leadership Coaching System

Participants will master the four modules of the Leadership Coaching System.
The dynamic learning modules focus on improving wellbeing and understanding the science behind
positive psychology and emotionally intelligent behaviour change. 

About the Course

Discover more about Coaching Skills for Leaders in this detailed brochure.

Learn about the training content, how the course is structured and delivered, and what are the key outcomes of becoming certified as a Bounce Coaching Leader. 

Coaching Skills Testimonials


“I feel that with this leadership training, I have the extra tools to sharpen my skills and build a leadership kit and become an even better leader to my team.”

Liana H.


“As an emerging leader, this course has given me confidence that I already have the skills to be a leader and it has given me even more skills to become a great leader.”

Jane S.


“35 out of 10.”
“What a great program! Growing together as a group has been a wonderful and insightful process!
Thank you!”

Sarah C.


“I am so energised! Whilst this program allows you to focus on yourself, learning about others and how to get the best from your team by helping them to be the best they can be is the ultimate reward.”

Ross A.

How do I participate in Coaching Skills for Leaders?

Coaching Skills for Leaders is an online learning program, and the learning resources are all made available through our customised eLearning platform. The online course features 35+ dynamic training videos, questionnaires and assessments and includes facilitated private chat groups to connect learners and deep dive into the content.  Live Zoom sessions with Bounce Master Coaches are available as an optional add-on to the course. 

Please contact us to enquire about the delivery options and pricing structure if you are interested in training for small groups or teams.  

Top it off with a digital badge

Bounce Job Coach Certification also includes an official micro-credential. It features a digital badge that you can download, share and easily store for record-keeping purposes.

What is a digital badge?

Results, results, results 

[Did we mention outcomes?]

Coaching Skills for Leaders is taking off across a number of sectors including, employment services, healthcare, local government and small business. 

Leaders that are changing the game
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Meet the creator…

Maria Smith is a highly-regarded coach, trainer and mentor. As the CEO & Founder of Bounce Global, Maria is the creative force behind globally recognised soft skills training programs – The Bounce ProgramTM and Bounce Job Coach Certification and Coaching Skills for Leaders. 

She is a communication and emotional intelligence expert working with the employment services sector since 2006. As a coach and trainer, she supports all cohorts from job seekers, to frontline workers, executive teams and leaders to take a different approach to the employment-seeking experience.

Maria skilfully applies the best behaviour change science in her training programs, and Coaching Skills for Leaders is no exception. Her unique skills in cognitive behavioural coaching, emotional intelligence (EQ), positive psychology and nudging are expertly woven through the training programs she has created, allowing participants to expand and enhance their skills to become the best version of themselves.

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