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Coaching Skills for Leaders


Wellbeing in the workplace starts at the top!​

Great workplace cultures are the result of great workplace relationships led by people at the top.

Leaders that help create successful team cultures and workplaces where staff feel valued and love coming to work every day have the biggest impact on an organisation.

Creating a culture of positive wellbeing in any workplace is essential. Positive wellbeing is the guidepost that keeps people moving in the same direction towards successful business outcomes.

When employees, managers and team leaders have positive wellbeing, they are better able to perform well in their job and feel good about the impact they are having within the organisation. When the organisation has a culture that emulates positive wellbeing, they experience better staff retention, improved business outcomes and increased revenue.

When leaders take responsibility for the wellbeing of their workers, the result is not only productive organisations but thriving individuals, families and communities.


High levels of emotional intelligence

Strategies for self-care and resilience

Confident communication & rapport building skills

A wellbeing and
coaching mindset

Coaching Skills for Leaders

Coaching is the key to better business outcomes. Equipping your leaders with powerful soft skills like effective communication, emotional intelligence, behavioural nudging and influence makes all the difference when it comes to staff engagement and higher levels of productivity.

Bounce-trained leaders are changing the workplaces they operate in. They are taking a new approach to staff engagement and rather than ‘managing,’ they are guiding and supporting their people to embrace their roles and create incredible workplace cultures. 

The Coaching Skills for Leaders Certification course is built on a foundation of intensive, immersive, inspiring coaching and mentoring delivered by experienced Bounce Master Trainers. Through this certified course, participants will be trained in the most effective methodologies that demonstrate how powerful soft skills can easily and elegantly influence change and growth. Each module in the course leads on from the last, using a holistic approach to understanding and influencing behaviour change.

The Leadership Coaching System

About the Course

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